Quality control policy

Quality control laboratories

Batch plants equipped with the state of arts laboratories to control and monitor the quality of raw materials as well as the design of concrete admixtures in order to ensure that the concrete is exceeding the RequiredSpecifications.
R2N Ready mix is committed to provide the highest quality levelsto our customers,Our Batchplants are wellequipped with quality control laboratories that have the latest testing equipment to conduct quality tests on fresh and Hardened concrete as well as acceptance and rejection tests on raw materials,including cement and aggregateswith highest accuracy and consistency standards.
The accurate control in the production process is consistend withthe quality control management system that We have in our Batch plants. As the overall quality control system in batch plants aim to identify and correct most of the errors befor the delivery ofconcrete to sites.
R2N Ready mix is committed toperform periodic Calibration of equipment and scales used in the production of concrete and tests are conductedaccording to the special Calibration schedules in order to verify the stability of quality in batch plants and tests are in conformity with the standed Specifications.
R2N Ready mix quality assurance program is applied to verify that the concrete produced is in Conformity with the highest qualitystandardsand
there is aconsistency of performance of the concrete mix, Aside from the date of production or delivery sites.

Therefore R2N is

  • Selecting carefully the raw materials through conducting the necessary tests for each concrete component to confirm the quality and conformity with the standard Specifications and its suitability for use in concrete mixtures in order to achieve the highest levels of quality and durability of the design mix and the meet the requirements of the customer. <br>
  • The concrete mix is designed accurately in accordance with the Required Specifications by the client or Consultant and concrete Test are performed to achievethe optimal performance.<br>
  • The company is committed to using the control program in f the central mixers by the computer to achieve the highest levels of accuracy in the concrete mix through controlling the content of aggregates, cement, additives Time of mixing.

Quality Control Laboratories

Equipment hereunder included
  • Lab mixers.
  • Compacting rod
  • Slump cone set.
  • Curing tanks.
  • Automatic Oven.
  • Precision balances.
  • Automatic Compression Testing Machine 2000 KN ELE.
  • Standard AST Msieves for Sand.
  • Standard ASTM sieves for Coarse aggregates.
  • Air Entrained pressure meter.
  • Cube molds 15 * 15 * 15 cm for concrete Test.
  • Cube molds 5 * 5 * 5 cm for cement test.
  • Flakiness and Elongation index Gauge.
  • Unit Weight measure 10 lit.
  • Digital Thermometers (weather + Concrete )

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