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R2N Ready mix chooses the best raw material used in the concrete production delivered from an accredited local authorities and international companies, The company’s quality assurance team ensure the source of material such as quarries, factories and ensure to get the manufacturing test certificates, According to the quality control plan, Quality Assurance team perform a visual examination and to revise the received invoices,as well as samples and for each raw material received in batch plants.

Principles of Our Work

The usual tests are conducten on all materials that are received.  Aggregates are stored in appropriate containers, according to theri sizes. Cement is stored in water proof silos, according to the cement type.
Additives are stored in water proof containers according to its type, And these containers are supplied by the additives supplier in accordance with the standard specifications of these materials, Ground water tank is completely isolated and other tank made of iron provided with the cooling unit to keep the water temperature at the desired degree of mixing.

R2N Ready Mix

Quality control

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