• R2N Ready mix is proud of having the ability to provide solutions to almost any concrete requirement also we offer an extensive range of mixes to provide the best solution for any job.
  • The endless possibilities include high strength, increased workability and enhanced flowing characteristics to ensure placement.
  • This is supported by the considerable experience of our technical, production and transport staff & we constantly



Colored Concrete

Colored concrete for Architectural, decorative and textured concrete finishing.

Mortar Concrete

Used for all Plastering and Masonry works. Con is supplied in different colors.

Flow Concrete

Concrete technology with all main advantages of SCC

Light Concrete

Heat Loss improvement, Thermal Insulation & Reduction in Dead Loads are few benefits of light concrete with Ideal for Roof Deck repairs and stair plan fill.

Steel Concrete

composite materials made with Portand cement, aggregate, and incorporating discrete discontinuous fibers fibers suitable for reinforcing concrete have been produced from steel.


Commercial, Residential Industrial & Government Agencies

Regardless of what your requirements are, R2N can provide you the mix that you need

R2N has available a wide variety of mix designs for concrete prod- ucts with Compressive strengths from 15 mpa, as well as a variety of spe- cialty

We produce ready mix concrete by combining the desired type of Cement, sand, gravel, admixture and water

Concrete products. Mix designs are prepared in accordance with ASTM C192 And ACI211 by an AASHTO accredited laboratory. Custom mix designs will also be developed in accordance with custom